I Quit My 9 to 5 Job to Work Remotely Without Second Thought!

I Quit My 9 to 5 Job to Work Remotely Without Second Thought!

Way back in May 2016, I quit my then job to work remotely or work from home. I thought it was easy for as long as you completed your profile (on the job marketplace) and you’re available to start anytime. But I was wrong. It takes me more or less six months before I landed a full-time online job and at that time I was already working as an email support representative in a BPO company.

It was Friday morning when I received an email from an employer inviting me for an interview for a Customer Support post. The interview would take place at 1 am Philippine time since the client is in the US and following Pacific Timezone. Knowing this, I went to work and go home as soon as my shift ended.

Come the interview time, it went well and ended up with my client giving me the schedule for the training which is on the coming Monday, and I’ll be handling the social media channels of the company and other marketing related work, not as customer support. I was thankful. I’m not expecting that my personal experience on social media would land me this kind of job.

As of today, I am still with the company with the same job description. I’ve been with the company for one year and seven months now and will still be in a few more months for as long as I can still handle the required schedule.

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I Quit My 9 to 5 Job to Work Remotely Without Second Thought!

My efforts are recognized. ALWAYS.

My efforts are always recognized no matter how small or big it is. Every end of the week I always send a weekly report even though my client does not ask for it because he can monitor my work through my time tracker or work diary. It was recognized. When a customer emailed our support team telling them that the person who is managing our Facebook page (which is me) did an excellent job, and because of that, it encourages her to buy an item. It was recognized. Every effort, may it be small or big are recognized and somethimes rewarded through cash bonus or vouchers.


The opportunity to grow and learn new skills.

My experience in social media is through my personal social media accounts. But when I started working as a Social Media Manager, I learned how analytics, keyword, SEO, Facebook ads, content management and scheduling work. My photoshop skills, HTML, and CSS also improved since I also designed and code our newsletters. I also learned to use different kinds of softwares and applications that we always use to run the business smoothly.


It is flexible and location independent.

Although my schedule is not flexible since I am required to log in at 7 AM to 4 PM, some freelancers have a flexible schedule where they can work anytime. I envy them! Haha. But working remotely and as a social media manager gives me the opportunity to from work anywhere. May it be at home, in Starbucks, in Cebu while attending the Sinulog Festival, Dumaguete, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and the list goes on. It is also easy to ask permission for an unlimited vacation leave and time adjustment.

Usually, vacation leave is not paid, but it always depends on your client. The last time I asked for a VL was when I went to Singapore. My client paid my four days VL, and he also booked my accommodation.


My earnings are flexible.

Aside from my full-time job which is 40 hours per week, I sometimes apply for a fixed rate or part-time job that I can work in a few hours or the work schedule is flexible. That way my income does not depend solely on my full-time job. And there are part-time jobs that pay way bigger than my weekly salary on my full-time job!


The opportunity to work for an international company or client.

Working in an independent setting is one of the perks being a freelancer aside from the obvious that you’re working for an international base client or business. It widens your knowledge and you have the opportunity to learn how business in their country works.

I mention above all the things I love working remotely, but I’m sure you’re curious what I hate about it if there’s any. Yes, that’s true. What I hate about working remotely, especially if I am working from home is I do not have someone to talk to face to face. Unlike when you’re working in an office setting, you have a lot of co-workers that you can have chitchat. In my case, I only have my MacBook and Google hang out where I can chat my colleagues for as long as there’s someone with the same schedule as mine.

So after reading this post and you became interested in applying for an online job, you can start here, where I list seven best websites to look for an online job.




I Quit My 9 to 5 Job to Work Remotely Without Second Thought!



How about you? Do you work on a 9 to 5 job? Or you’re working remotely? If you’re working remotely, did you quit you’re 9 to 5 with NO regrets? What are the benefits that you enjoy working remotely? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. I’d love to hear about it!


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