How to Organized Your Own Trip and Travel on a Budget?

How to Organized Your Own Trip and Travel on a Budget?

You want to see the world, but your income and budget don’t allow you to travel? You listen with envy to your friends who tell you stories of their travels and adventures abroad. And you dream to be able to do the same in the future? You want to know how other people can afford to go to Thailand, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Singapore, Brazil, and the list goes on. More so, you don’t have any idea how to organize an affordable trip, that will make you travel cheap and on budget. Regardless of what you might think, traveling doesn’t have to be expensive. You only need some motivation and a good plan to organize an affordable trip and see the world on a budget.

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Traveling is not just for privilege anymore. We earn more and thanks to low-cost airlines and price comparison sites, most of us can afford a trip to an exotic country. Travel agencies try to sell us great deals, but it is still better to organize your trip by yourself. It can be cheaper as you want it to be and your trip is flexible as you want it.

But before you start planning and read my tips below, ask yourself a question – why do you want to go on a trip? Do you want to travel the world and see other places? Or maybe to get away from your everyday life, drink cocktails on a beach and just relax? If it’s the later, then put away your travel plans to a later date and wait until you save more money. This way, you will not be disappointed, and you will avoid the stress that financial uncertainty brings.

If you think traveling like an adventure that gives you experiences, read along and find out how you can organize your own trip and travel on a budget.




Set a budget.

Budgеt is thе mоѕt іmроrtаnt thing when planning a trip. You hаvе tо know hоw much mоnеу уоu want to spend аnd how muсh you саn set for accommodation, fооd, tours, etc. Sеt уоur minimum аnd mаxіmum аmоunt fоr a dау. And don’t forget to set aside some amount for emergencies.


Choose the right destination or country.

Check your bucket list. What are the activities you want to do? Spots that you want to see (and visit) and food that you want to try? Do you want to visit some beautiful islands but at the same time, you want to visit temples and other cultural or historical spot? Or do you want to experience snow because you live in a tropical country? Or you want to visit Disneyland or Ocean Park and other theme parks?

Once you’ve decided the activities that you want to do or spots you want to see, check the flight and accommodation prices. If possible, search the average cost of living so you have an idea what would be your budget.

You can also ask your friends for some useful tips and advice, especially to those friends who already visited the country. Facebook groups are also useful. Join travel groups and search them to find answers to your questions. You can also ask for advice there, but be sure to check if answers to your questions are already there first.

Then check the currency of your chosen country and compare the exchange rate to your home country currency. Find out if it’s worth bringing dollars with you or maybe it’s better to change the money in your country and bring the currency with you. Sometimes, it’s also worth taking money out of the ATMs in the country you’re going to especially that some credit cards don’t charge international transactions.

Write everything you find and compare the prices. Create an Excel spreadsheet and put transport, food, and accommodation prices. And if you can find out the costs for any tours, put them there too. Once you have it ready, add 20% on top of the total amount. This way, you will be sure that you can afford everything.


The more time, the better.

If possible, travel slow and stay in one place longer. This will allow you to get to know the place better and you will save some money on transportation. It’s good to slow down rather than rush through a country not getting to know it properly. Plus, moving around too frequently makes you spend more money.


Always check price comparison sites and track promotions.

There are a lot of comparison sites that you can find on the internet. They, not only help you when it comes to buying tickets from cheap airlines but very often you might also stumble upon a real deal, like a half-price ticket to Thailand with British Airways.

If possible, check the prices every day. New promotions come up all the time, and it’s easy to miss them. Last minute trips are also a good idea. Sometimes you can find some great deals and go on an all-inclusive holiday for a very low price. The only disadvantage of this is that you have to be ready to go at any point, which is not that convenient if you’re employed full-time.


If possible, don’t travel alone, and bring a friend!

Traveling alone is great, and I love it! But if you want to travel on a budget, it’s best to take someone with you. Why? Because you can split the cost of a trekking trip, a guide, or a room. Taking taxi will be half price for you if you have a friend with you.


Look after your money.

Remember about your budget. It’s good to write down all your expenses every day and check them against your budget. If it turns out that one day you went a little over, then reduce your expenses the next day. Remember to keep your money where it’s hard to find. If you carry cash with you, be extra careful and trust no one.

Try not to use cash machines too often. Every time you take money out, your bank charges you for it. And for some countries, the ATM also charge you for international transaction. If you need to use an ATM, max out the ATM limits on how much you can withdraw. So you won’t have to make another transaction, and you will save a little money that came from bank charges.

Avoid changing money at the airports and in all places that seem illegal. Check the exchange rates first and then compare them with those you see at the exchange places. Then choose the best spot to get the currency.

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What else should you remember.

Don’t argue about every dollar. If a taxi driver demands to take 2 dollars more than the ride should have cost, don’t protest. Just think of it as your good will to the driver. And consider the fact that in some countries, having a whole family to feed is very hard. Always remember that overland transport is not always the cheapest, and it is sometimes better to take a flight. What you can do, is to check first how much a bus or train travel costs and then check the flight prices. Consider how much it costs to get to the airport and if you have to wait a long time for your connecting flight if you have. In Thailand, flying from Chiang Mai to Bangkok costs almost the same as a train ticket, and the journey is much faster and more comfortable.

Look after yourself and don’t forget to get travel insurance. Remember to eat well. Your health is the most important while on the road, and it will cost you a lot if you get sick.

Don’t try to save money everywhere, you’re on holiday. From time to time indulge yourself. It might be a good dinner, a fancy drink on a beach, or something pretty to wear. Because traveling on a budget doesn’t mean you need to be uncomfortable.

Enjoy every bit of your trip!




How to Organized Your Own Trip and Travel on a Budget



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