Hong Kong: The Ultimate Saving Tips for First Time Travelers

Hong Kong: The Ultimate Saving Tips for First Time Travelers

Hong Kong, a country that can be expensive to visit but can also be relatively inexpensive if you do it right. Maybe by now, you already booked your flight ticket, but what are you going to do now?

Good, delicious and affordable foods can be found everywhere. Accommodation can be relatively affordable if you choose to stay in hostels or vacation rentals. Activities and tourist spots can range from being extremely expensive such as going to the Disneyland and Ocean Park to absolutely free by walking and relaxing around Avenue of the Stars.

I listed some of the things that you need to know before traveling to Hong Kong especially if it’s your first time. Also, I give some saving tips that can help you navigate the city on a budget.

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(for first-time travelers)

Hong Kong: The Ultimate Saving Tips for First Time Travelers


The most famous and practical part to stay in Hong Kong is in Tsim Sha Tsui (TST), mainly because everything can be easily accessed from here. There are also a lot of shops from local to high-end brands, convenience stores, local and western restaurants or fast-food chains are all over the area. But above all, transportation can easily be accessed from here. Although where ever you are in Hong Kong, transportation is easily accessible because of its efficient public transport system.

Try to search accommodation in Hong Kong on one of the online booking sites, you’ll quickly notice that accommodation prices range from $10.00 above. It’s rare that you can find a $5.00 bed in a hostel.

Savings tip:

Being an expensive city, accommodation in Hong Kong is quite expensive. And you’ll also have a chance to experience that the size of the room is small, literally small. That most affordable option you have other than the usual hotels are hostels. You can search using Agoda, Booking or other booking sites to look for the cheapest and affordable hostels.

I’ve been in Hong Kong twice already, and I stayed in the same place since I am already comfortable. Although it was not in TST (I stayed in Mongkok area, near the Ladies Market), everything was accessible. If you want to stay in TST, Chung King Mansion or Mirador Mansion is your option.


Hong Kong: The Ultimate Saving Tips for First Time Travelers


Hong Kong’s public transportation system is very efficient. It’s straightforward and effortless to go from one point to another. Trains, buses, trams, and taxi (cabs) are everywhere and accessible and can take you anywhere you want to go.

Savings tip:

Octopus card is a must when in Hong Kong. You can use it to pay for your train or bus fare, also to buy in 7-Eleven or McDonalds, among others. While train rides can get you to just anywhere and the fastest mode of transportation, it can be pricier. Bus rides, on the other hand, are very comfortable yet not as fast as trains, you get to have a better view of the city and most importantly much cheaper (Fare from airport to Tsim Sha Tsui was only around HKD 13.00)


Hong Kong: The Ultimate Saving Tips for First Time Travelers


I’ll always love Hong Kong’s street food just don’t be afraid to order just because you’re not familiar with the food. Traveling is not just about exploring the places but also exploring its food. Just take note that foods in the airport and tourist spots are a bit pricey.

Savings tip:

Skip the familiar fast food restaurants, skip McDo! Have an authentic feel of Hong Kong through food and eat at the local restaurants or try street foods. If traveling with a friend, share your meals! Although foods can be a bit pricey, the serving is big either at local restaurants or 7-Eleven.

Water is expensive in Hong Kong. So, bring a water bottle.


Hong Kong: The Ultimate Saving Tips for First Time Travelers


Before planning what to wear, it is best to research how the weather is going to be. Comfort before style! Wear comfortable shoes such as flats or sneakers. Lastly, don’t forget to bring an umbrella or a raincoat.

Fashion tip:

Bring your fashionista side in Hong Kong. Mostly you’ll encounter locals or even foreigners that are dress to impress, so don’t be shy to dress up and have that perfect touristy fashionable photo.


When going to a different country, although not required, always search common words or phrases of the local dialect such as 'Hello', 'Thank you', 'How can I get there?'. Local people will appreciate you for the effort.Click To Tweet



You don’t have to learn how to speak the local language! Most of the locals know how to speak English and sometimes very accommodating enough to walk you to your destination when you’re asking for directions. Though some of the locals find it more challenging to speak English, you can just use the good ol’ pointing especially at restaurants and street markets.



There are a lot of things that you can go and do in Hong Kong aside from the ever famous tourist spot, Disneyland.

Hong Kong: The Ultimate Saving Tips for First Time Travelers


If shopping is in your lits, I recommend you to go to Tsim Sha Tsui and Mongkok (Ladies Market) area. There are a lot of shops from local to high-end brands that you can choose from. Everything is available here, from fashion to kitchen wares.

Savings tip:

If you’re going to the Ladies Market or night markets, don’t be shy and practice your bargaining skills. At first, the sellers will try to offer their products at a very high price and sometimes twice the amount. Always try to haggle more or less half of the first offered price.

Hong Kong has a lot of branded shop. If you’ll go shopping for branded goods, try to list down the prices of the things that you want to buy and compare it to the price in Hong Kong. That way, you’ll know if you’ll get the item lower or higher when you purchase it in Hong Kong.


Hong Kong: The Ultimate Saving Tips for First Time Travelers

Theme Parks

Hong Kong Disney Land, the number one tourist spot in Hong Kong and mostly the most visited one. After all, it’s the happiest place in the world. But if you want to go to more extreme rides, don’t forget Ocean Park.


City Tour

There are a lot of places that you can visit in Hong Kong. One of them is Ngong Ping Village in Lantau Island. Take the cable car instead of riding the bus to go to the village for an amazing view. Also, Victoria Harbour, Avenue of the Stars, and museums around Tsim Sha Tsui that you can all go by foot.

Savings tip:

I recommend you to book your attraction tickets in advance to avoid the hassle of long lines. I usually use KLOOK in booking my attraction tickets and day tours. KLOOK offer discounts and redeeming your ticket is quite easy and straightforward. Also, if you’re going on museum hopping, do it all on Wednesdays. Most museums in Hong Kong offers free pass during Wednesday.




The Ultimate Saving Tips for First-Time Traveler to Hong Kong



Are you planning to travel to Hong Kong for the first time? Or have you been to Hong Kong? If so, what’s your savings tip that you can recommend? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. I’d love to hear about it!


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