Have you ever found yourself in danger?

Honestly, NO. I even feel safer in another country than my home country. (Sorry not sorry.) If you trust your guardian angel to look after you and use good common sense, it is unlikely that anything bad will happen. In life there are always risks, that’s just a fact. Local people will warn you if you are about to enter a dangerous situation or area. The world isn’t as dangerous as the media would have you believe. There are many more nice people than you can possibly imagine.

Where do you keep all of your stuff?

What stuff? Seriously. It’s hard to believe but I don’t own much stuff. I never really had much in life and I may never. But that’s perfectly fine with me. For many people, this seems crazy, but everything I have fits nicely in my backpack.

What backpacks do you use?

What do you pack for a long-term trip?

Are the photos on the site yours? Can I use them?

What is Solitary Travels all about?

Why did you start Solitary Travels?

Do you earn money from this blog?

How can you afford to travel? Are you rich?

Can I travel with you?

Who do you usually travel with?

Top three (3) places you have been to?

Cheapest place(s) you have been to?

Are you a full-time traveler?

What kind of traveler are you?

What are the three things that you love the most in your life right now?

  1. Freedom.
  2. Infinite adventure.
  3. Infinite possibilities and learnings.

What’s your favorite color?

I will always love the color pink but when I started traveling, I started to love color black since it’s easy to mix and match and wouldn’t have any problem with laundry. Haha!

Aside from blogging, what are the things that you love to do?

I love reading books. Currently, I am into Rick Riordan Trials of Apollo series. Also, I love learning new things. If I am not reading books, I am researching about social media and digital marketing, learning new tools that I can use as a Virtual Assistant, practicing my HTML+CSS knowledge among others. Being a freelancer, I need to constantly learn and update my learnings.

I saw one of your pictures that you have a tattoo. Can you tell us why did you decided to have a tattoo and what does it mean to you?

Why are you traveling?

What makes you decide to travel?

I saw you on Facebook. Can I add you?

Wow! I’ll love to have virtual friends, so you can freely add me.

What are the three fun facts about you?

Did you quit your job to travel the world? Why?

Basically, I did not quit my job to travel the world because I am still working while traveling. The only difference is, I am working online and I can bring my work anywhere I go.

Did you pay for all of your travels?

Yes, I pay for all of my travels. If one day, I’ll be traveling to a certain destination that is sponsored or something like that, I’ll surely let you know. I’ll be transparent on this website.

Where are you from?

I’m from the Philippines.

What camera do you use?

I usually use my iPhone 7 raw camera since it’s handy. Also Nikon D5200 and GoPro Hero 4 Silver.

How did you start working online?

I worked on my skills and learned skills that I can use to get me started. To know more about how you can start working online, you can visit this link.

What do you do as a freelancer?

I work as a social media manager and sometimes, design websites.

I want to work online. Where and how can I start?

If you’re confident and you know your skills that can get you started to work online, then congratulations. To get you started on where and how you can start and find a job online, you can visit this link.

How do you even make money as a travel blogger?

As of the moment, I do not make money as a travel blogger. If the time comes that I’ll make money on my blog, I’ll inform you immediately. I’ll be transparent on this website.

How do you find freelance works?

I started from Upwork before I had my direct client. Until today, I am still with Upwork where I apply for fix rate jobs. Aside from Upwork, there are a lot of online platforms where you can look for a job. To get you started, you can visit this link.

How much do you work?

With my freelance work, I usually work 4 – 6 hours then another 4 – 6 hours to work on this blog. I always make sure to allot at least 1 day as a free day where I spend time with myself or have a tour.

I want to start a travel blog. Do you have any tips for getting started?

Start a travel blog because you love it and you know in your heart that you’ll enjoy doing it. Do not start a travel blog or blog in any niche just because of money. Follow your heart and do your passion first, surely, money will follow after.

How do you manage your money?

My basic rule is not spending the money that I haven’t earned yet and at least 1 or 2 weeks worth of salary that I will not withdraw from my account not unless for an emergency. Also, I plan my travel schedule in advance and book my accommodation or flight in advance. I receive my salary every week, so I budget my weekly salary as living expenses plus advance booking (accommodation or flight).

How much do you budget per month?

How much all of this travel cost you?

How can I make money as I travel?

Based on my personal experience, I make money through working online as a social media manager and sometimes, designing websites. But there are other ways to earn money as you travel or while you’re traveling. To get you started, you can visit this link.

How much money did you save before leaving? How did you manage to save up that much?

The money I saved before leaving was $1,000.00. It came from my personal savings and my salary for the last three months before I started traveling full-time. It may seem too little but I was confident that I can make it since I do have a regular income from my full-time work online and I always make sure to have a side gig every week or every other week to add to my income.

What about long-term accommodation, for weeks or months? How do you find them?

How do you find accommodation to stay in?

Do you travel with travel insurance?

Absolutely! When I started traveling indefinitely, I make sure to have travel insurance because I do not know what will happen to me while on the road. And I read from somewhere that you cannot travel if you cannot afford travel insurance. I use WorldNomads, although it is not that cheap, they offer better coverage and benefits. Aside from that, they also protect your gadgets, which is important to me as a digital nomad. To buy your travel insurance, click this link.

Are you a budget traveler?

Why don’t you travel with your boyfriend? Do you have a boyfriend?

How could I travel with my boyfriend if I do not have a boyfriend? LOL.

Don’t you ever get lonely or homesick?

Do you want to visit every country in the world?

I do not have the plan to visit every country in the world. I just want to follow where my heart and my instinct want me to go, where I can experience more and learn more.

When are you going to stop traveling? Are you going to stop traveling?

Do you have tips for [country]?

Why haven’t you visited [country] yet?

Where are you going this year (2018)?

For 2018, I am planning to go back first to Vietnam and stay there for three months. It is already confirmed and I already have my 3-months tourist visa. Then maybe on April I’ll go to Cambodia, go back to Thailand, then Myanmar. I am also planning to go to Taiwan to maximize the trial period for the free visa then go back to Hong Kong and visit Disneyland and hopefully have a side-trip to Jeju Island before I travel to Israel and Georgia. After Georgia, I am going to start my South America backpacking. To know more about my travel plans for 2018, you can visit this post.

Where do you most want to visit?

The countries I really want to visit are South Korea (for my KPop fangirling), Japan (for Hello Kitty), Paris (for Eiffel Tower), Vatican and Israel (for religious side), and Antarctica (because it’s quite a struggle to visit).

Where’s your favourite country?

Where have you been so far?

I’ve been around Southeast Asia mostly. To know more about the countries I’ve been to, you can visit my destination page here. If you want to know where I am going next, you can visit this link. To be updated on my travels, you can follow me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

How long have you been traveling for?

I’ve been traveling continuously for more than five months now and counting. (12/29/2017)

Where are you right now?

I am currently in Hanoi, Vietnam. (03/05/2018) You can also visit my where to next page here to know where I’ve been, where I am, and where I am going next.

If you have other question that is not here, do not hesitate to contact me here or send me a tweet. You can also send me an email at hi@solitarytravels.com or leave a comment on any related blog post.