7 Reasons Why You Should Travel Solo Atleast Once in Your Life

7 Reasons Why You Should Travel Solo Atleast Once in Your Life

Have you ever traveled alone around your country or to a foreign destination? While sharing a trip with your group of friends is super fun and enjoyable, traveling solo is a must experience even once in your life. Yes, I must admit traveling solo can be scary. But the experience and self-fulfillment you can gain are what matters most.

Believe me, traveling solo can be quite memorable, adventurous and empowering experience that will make a lasting positive impact in your life in a lot of different ways no matter what will be your experience during the trip.

As an introvert who keeps a small group of friends, traveling solo has become my preferred mode of exploring the world in and out of the country (Philippines). From self-discovery to experiencing new things and being able to conquer all the things that come and will come my way, there are undoubtedly a lot of good reasons to travel solo, and discover the world on your own



7 Reasons Why You Should Travel Solo At Least Once in Your Life

Planning a trip is easy.

Luxury or budget travel? Island hopping or trekking? Everyone has different travel preferences, and when you travel solo, only yours matter. You’ll end up spending your time seeing the places you want to see and doing the things you want to do. You can do all the things that you want without considering other people preferences.


It pushes you to become independent and confident.

Traveling solo can mean doing things outside your comfort zone. You’re not used to greeting stranger first (because you’re shy) but when you travel solo, you need to be confident, so it will be easy for you to have a small talk with that girl beside your bed in the hostel. Or you need to be independent and confident enough to navigate the place.


It can be easy on the wallet.

Although there will be an instance that traveling solo can be quite expensive because you do not have a companion to share expenses, it has also its perks. If you are on a strict budget, traveling solo will ensure you never compromise your own spending habits for a travel partner’s more expensive taste. You manage your own money and expenses.


You maintain the pace.

Whether you pack your itinerary with an hour by hour to-do’s, you can go as fast or slow as you want. It’s all up to you what you want to do or where you want to go. And if along the trip you discover an interesting off-beaten path, it’s always easy to change your itinerary since you do not need to consult with anyone.


You meet people.

Sure, traveling solo can get lonely but when you travel in a group, you often spend more time interacting with each other, and less time interacting with locals. Having a conversation with your taxi driver, hotel receptionist, tour guide or other people you may encounter on a trip can give you a deeper understanding of the local culture. Plus, you can strike a conversion with other solo travelers you meet on the trip and swap travel stories. Yes, you read it right. There are a lot of solo travelers around the world. And you’re not alone.


You get that “me time” you’ve always wanted.

After stressing out at work or dealing with life crises, sometimes you just need to relax. Traveling alone gives you the “me time” you need to let go of any worries.


Traveling solo is fulfilling and empowering.

Not every everyone is brave enough to travel solo. And surviving a trip alone is truly a fulfilling and empowering experience in your life. Traveling solo can make you feel like you can conquer every challenge that will come your way or do anything that you want to do.

Any trip has the potential to be life-changing in every other way. When you travel by yourself, you learned a lot of things. You become aware of the world. You gain confidence to maneuver unfamiliar places on your own, and you learned to love all the uncertainties that life may give you. You’ll have the time to reflect on the sights you see, the activities you do, the culture and the people you meet. And above all, you’ll get to know yourself even better. And the mere fact that you brave yourself to travel alone in an unfamiliar place is an achievement.




7 Reasons Why You Should Travel Solo At Least Once in Your Life



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