6 Ways to Prepare for Your Next Trip to be Hassle-Free

6 Ways to Prepare for Your Next Trip to be Hassle-Free

Since I started traveling full-time, I never make an itinerary, but I do have a rough plan or schedule in which country I’ll be going next. Also, I have never recorded my everyday activities. I let myself explore wherever my feet will take me and discover the off-the-beaten-path or any adventures that will come on my way.

I usually stay in one place for a week or two, if not a month or so. When I arrive in a specific country or destination, I do some research, ask the hostel receptionist or even locals for recommendations of places to visit and foods to eat. If a free tour is available at the destination, I usually maximize it. By that, I get to meet a local, and experience local life. I often learned a thing or two about the place, straight from the local.

Planning a trip can be stressful. But if it will be your first-time to travel (solo or not), please do have a plan so you can have an enjoyable and hassle-free trip.

I  listed what you can do today to make sure your next adventure goes as planned if not, hassle-free. Remember, a stress-free trip is always a good one.

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6 Ways to Prepare for Your Next Trip to be Hassle-Free

Do your research.

Always do your research. When I say research, it does not only mean to research the places to visit or the food to eat. It also means having a glimpse of the country that you’ll visit.

Knowing the culture of the country that you’ll visit can sometimes save you from culture shock. Knowing its weather can save you on excess baggage. And knowing the vaccine needed or any other safety precautions can make your trip peaceful and enjoyable one.

Read from travel guides or from personal blogs of people who already done it and share their best tips and resources. It will save you a lot of time and even unexpected issues.

Lastly, be adventurous. Even though you spend a lot of time planning your itinerary, sometimes, you meet the adventure along the way, something that you can’t read on any travel guides or blogs.

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Book everything in advance.

In today’s digital age, anything can be book online. Book your flights and hotel in advance. Even your attraction tickets, buy it in advance. And if you’ll be taking a bus from one point to another, book your bus ticket in advance. For example, if you’re in Singapore and you want to have a side-trip to Kuala Lumpur, buy your ticket in advance.

I usually use KLOOK in buying attraction tickets and even local sim!


Booking everything in advance will not just help you to have a hassle-free trip but also, you can use it for immigration purposes. Sometimes, immigration officer asks for return flight ticket and hotel bookings.


Plan your first day.

As I said above, I hate planning every minute of my trip. And it’s not an assurance that because you prepare everything, your plan can go smoothly. But knowing what to do on your first day can give you a glimpse of the place, and from that, you’ll have an idea, or you’ll know what you want to do and where you want to go.

So, plan your first day. After that, be adventurous.


Make a budget.

There are a lot of blogs who post general trip expenses or budget for specific countries that you can use to compare with your plans. That way, you’ll have an idea of how much your trip will cost you.

Also, it’s good to book everything in advance slowly or every after your monthly salary. So on the day of your trip or even a week before your trip, you would never be worried that you haven’t booked this and that.


Buy travel insurance.

I am one of those people who’s not a fan of buying travel insurance and find it as an unnecessary expense. I would rather choose to spend that money going on tours or pigging out. But when I started my long-term travel, I realized the importance of travel insurance. Just the thought of you on a foreign land with no family or friends will already scare you.

Travel insurance can also be handy during flight delays or canceled flights, or when you lose your baggage or even your gadget.

When I started traveling indefinitely, I bought travel insurance through World Nomads. I also insured my MacBook, which is essential to me because I earn and I can travel because of that MacBook. Without it, I couldn’t work and wouldn’t earn a penny or two.

Get a quote and buy your travel insurance here!


Be excited about your trip.

Lastly, be excited. One of the beauties of travel planning is being excited about that travel schedule to come. But please, don’t be overly excited to the point that you can’t sleep!




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What step will you take today to make sure you have the time of your life on your next trip? Share your thoughts or experience in the comment section below. I’d love to hear about it!


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