3 Things I Love About Singapore (That You

3 Things I Love About Singapore (That You’ll Love Too!)

Singapore or also known as the little red dot is the second country I’ve been to, it is located in the middle of Southeast Asia. Although it is known as the very expensive country to visit in Southeast Asia, travelers who want to travel around Southeast Asia never miss this city because it is a good base to travel around at a relatively affordable price. Think about AirAsia, Tiger Air, Jetstar or ScootFly which will fly you around many other countries at an affordable price even when you book last minute.

The cheapest and easiest way to get around Singapore is via their extensive public transport system that is modern and well-maintained.Click To Tweet

For someone who will be traveling to Asia for the first time, Singapore is a very clean and safe city compared to the otherwise daily craziness of the rest of Asia which may need some time to get used to. It’s easy and straightforward to travel around Singapore with its very efficient public transportation.

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3 Things I Love About Singapore (That You'll Love Too!)

Singapore’s most visited tourist spot – Universal Studios in Sentosa


3 Things I Love About Singapore

3 Things I Love About Singapore (That You'll Love Too!)

Roaming around Marina Bay


Singapore’s Diversity

3 Things I Love About Singapore (That You'll Love Too!)

Singapore Trip 2017

Some people may find Singapore strict, too organized and tidy, and it sure is. Travelers may just stay for a day or two and head to Malaysia which is just 2 hours bus away from Singapore or to another destination. But they don’t know that they just missed out the best part. There is so much more to this city beyond all the touristy places, clean streets, chicken rice, and fancy skyscrapers.

As a traveler, be adventurous. Go to the busiest part of the city around Dhoby Ghaut and Orchard Road or you can join a relax beach party in Sentosa Island. There are so much to do around this city may it be shopping, visiting the zoo and take night safari, taking the ferry to one of the small islands around and cycle along their shores, joining a historical tour around Chinatown or visiting one of the many temples or museums, or having a drink to many rooftop bars that features a beautiful view of Singapore, the list is endless.

I personally love getting out the hustle bustle from time to time and take the MRT to the north and walk around MacRitchie Reservoir or the Botanical Garden.

When I return in the evening, Clarke Quay will be waiting with all the fancy clubs, street artist, and entertainment. Make sure to buy a drink at the kiosk and visit Read Bridge, the only public place you can drink around here. Otherwise, cocktails are quite expensive when sitting down on one of the many bars. Overall, liquor is really expensive in Singapore.


Singapore’s Amazing Food Variety

3 Things I Love About Singapore (That You'll Love Too!)

Dinner at Makansutra Gluttons Bay

Singapore is known for its chicken rice but there a lot of other cuisines available that you can choose from such as Korean, Thai, Malay, Japanese, Western and a lot more. Eat in a restaurant or head into one of the many side streets where you can find hawker centers or visit one of the many huge food courts in the numerous malls around the city.

Malls and hawker center are everywhere, surely, you’ll find somewhere to eat anywhere and anytime. Don’t be afraid to try new or unfamiliar dishes, you would be your favorite one.

On my first visit to Singapore, I indulge myself in their well-known chicken rice. But on my second visit, I tried to be adventurous with food. I tried this Laksa from the hawker center near my hostel that became my everyday meal on my 5-day stay in Singapore.


Singapore’s Vibe

3 Things I Love About Singapore (That You'll Love Too!)

Gardens by the Bay night view

What makes Singapore more interesting are the people. Speak to anyone, they will probably come from a different place from all over the world. The mixture of culture, religions, languages of all sorts makes Singapore one very interesting country.

Skip the modern buildings for a day and head to Little India or to Chinatown. Walk through the crowd of locals where you’ll feel like a stranger in a different world, a very different scene outside Marina Bay or Sentosa. This is where you’ll feel the atmosphere between many people coming from different cultural backgrounds but living in one nation.


3 Things I Love About Singapore (That You'll Love Too!)

Marina Bay Sands night view


Lastly, one thing I love about Singapore is its city views. On my last visit, I braved to went to 1-Altitude Bar. 1-Altitude Bar sits 282 meters above the city and is the highest alfresco bar not only in Singapore but worldwide. It will give you a 360° look of Singapore from above. To get there, just take an MRT to Raffles Place station and from the MRT station, 1-Altitude Bar is just a minute walk. Drinks as always, are a little expensive, yet, it is worth visiting because of the view and atmosphere. Just a quick note, drinks in Singapore are a little bit expensive.




3 Things I Love About Singapore That You'll Love Too



Have you been to Singapore? What did you like most about this country? Share your thoughts or experiences in the comment section below. I’d love to hear about it!


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  1. So many things to love about Singapore and I only visited on a long layover. Can't wait to return and take the train to the places you outline and to see the Gardens in the daytime.

  2. Always interesting to read traveller's perspectives on Singapore, I live here! Drinks are really expensive, a night out with liquor included will definitely burn. Btw I haven't been to 1-Altitude, haha! Well done on braving it there as a solo traveller, Sheena!

  3. I will need to put Singapore on my bucket list now! Thanks for the information.

  4. Singapore is on my bucket list!

  5. I do agree that Singapore is dynamic in terms of it's city life and infrastructure. The newly added museums, theme parks, and tourist attraction only made the city even more exciting for tourists!
    For me, I love the Marina Bay Sands area, I will be adding more about my discovery in the city soon! https://knycxjourneying.com/2015/11/11/something-new-something-green/

  6. One cannot help but fall in love with Singapore. There are so many reasons to be enamoured by this tiny city/country. I love its spick and span look plus the greenery it has in spite of mushrooming urban growth. I love how the place seamlessly integrates heritage and culture with contemporary design. It is indeed a melting pot of cultures as well as cuisines.

  7. Also a very big fan of Singapore - so glad you are too! I was also impressed with Singapore's diversity; not just in terms of attractions on offer, but for diving into different cultures and religions - it really is a crossroads and melting pot for Asia. Within a couple of hours we were in China town, Little India, Arab Street, and enjoying all of the architecture, history and cultural significance that went with it. Love Singapore!

  8. I can't believe I haven't visited Singapore yet, The gardens by the bay always look so pretty and the street food is supposed to be amazing! Good to hear you loved it too!


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